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This listing is for a $40 deposit.  This full $40 will be subtracted from your final invoice.


 Actual costs will vary, depending on your quilt top size, and the type of quilting pattern you choose.  To figure your actual quilt top cost, just measure the width and length of your top.  Then, multiply those together, to determine the square inches of your top....(length x width = square inches of the quilt).


Multiply the square inches you got above, by the cost of the pattern you choose.  The most popular, and most cost effective option I provide is 2.3  cents per square inch.  So, just multiply your top square inches x 0.023, to determine your quilting cost. 

                                       EASY PEASY!!


An example would be a quilt top measuring 70 (length) x 60(width) = 4,200  Then multiply that by 0.023 = $96.60


Keep in mind, I offer discounts, coupons and specials all the time too, so those will be deducted from your final cost, as well. Any deposits you purchase, from my shop will be fully deducted, too.


You may provide your own batting, or use the batting I have in stock.  The battings I have, are excellent quality, and work well with my machine. These are made in the USA, and are my favorites, that I carry. 

           *Quilter's Dream 100% Cotton Select, Request, Deluxe - White or


           *Quilter's Dream Wool

           *Quilter's Dream 80/20 - White

           *Quilter's Dream 100% Polyester


If you would like to use my batting (any of the ones listed above), I will just add the price of these onto your final order.  You may send your own batting to me, but, don't forget, it will cost a little more for your shipping, when you send out to me, if your batting is included in the box. 


Please send your quilt backing fabric, along with your top.  Keep in mind, it MUST be at least 8 inches longer and wider, than your top.  This gives me 4inches all around, for loading onto the longarm machine. 


There will also be a $2/bobbin thread fee added.  My machine uses the largest bobbin available, so this fee usually just averages $6 to $8, according to the quilt size and pattern density.  It will be even less for smaller tops, or larger patterns.   And for larger quilts, I never charge more than $12.00.


I will take the full deposit amount you paid here ($40), off of your final total. 

Just message me or call, if you have any questions at all!!  That's what i'm here for!


    ,  or use the "Contact Us" tab above

              phone: 423-718-3315

DEPOSIT-Longarm Quilting Services



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