Please print this page for your order form
    .......or, just write info on a paper, and include in your box.

Ship To: Jennifer Reed

               ((CURRENTLY NOT accepting quilts))

Your Contact Information:

Name:  _____________________________________________

Home Address:  _____________________________________________


E-Mail:  ______________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________

I do ___  do not ___ give permission for a photo of my quilt to be posted online, on social media.

IF you wish for me to tag you on Instagram, provide your Instagram account name: ______________________________


Quilt or Pattern Name/Description of your top: ________________________________________________________________

Date Needed : _____________________________________

Is this a RUSH order?   yes ___________  no __________

   RUSH order options (check one):  

   _________  1)  $50.00 RUSH FEE - As quickly as possible (quilted and mailed back out within 2-3 days of                         when arrives).

   _________  2)  $30.00 RUSH FEE - Worked in within 1 week (quilted and mailed back out within 4-7 days                       of when arrives).

Quilt Top Size: 

Length ___________   x  Width ____________ = Square inches ______________ multiplied by

          1.8 cents (0.018) per square inch = ___________  this is the quilting price. 

*Cost for your batting choice will be added, as well as a $2/bobbin thread fee (usually averages $4 - $8, depending on quilt size and pattern density)..

Quilting Pattern  Choice:_____________________________ IF you are unsure, I will be happy to suggest some: I will send some ideas to choose from, once it's close to time to load onto machine.

Check One:

______  Just bill me after my top is quilted, before you send it back, to my e-mail address.

______  Check included in box with top for $40.00 deposit (will be fully applied to total). 

            (Please make check to: Jennifer Reed) The balance will be paid once quilted.

______  I paid my deposit online, in your shop checkout (will be fully applied to total).  Will pay blance after                quilting is complete 


Must be at least 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top (Equals 4" all around).

____  Customer Provided (Must be at least 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top)

____  Quilter's Dream 100% Cotton Select White  $11.50/yd

____  Quilter's Dream 100% Cotton Deluxe $13.00/yd

____  Quilter's Dream Wool   $14.50/yd

____  Quilter's Dream 80/20 White $11.50/yd

____  Quilter's Dream Poly Select White $11.50/yd


Must be at least 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top (Equals 4" all around).

____Customer Provided

____Please help me decide on backing

Thread Color:

Thread Color Choice: _________________

Return Shipping: Return Shipping Charge is $18.00 for each quilt, and includes up to $200 insurance, just let me know if you would like to add more insurance.

ESTIMATED TOTAL: ____________

Balance: The balance of the quilt service is due when quilt is ready to be shipped back to you.

To pay your balance, I can send you an invoice through e-mail.

E-mail my invoice to: ________________________________

Would you like your quilt finished cut? (trim excess batting and backing material after quilting, I will return excess fabric to you.) 

YES____    NO____

Thank You for your order!

Contact Information for Longarm Machine Quilting Services:


Telephone: 423-718-3315

For a quilting estimate or more information just contact us!  Use the "Contact Us" tab above.



**Due to the overwhelming amount of quilts received (thank you quilty friends), we are unable to accept

new orders until

we catch up. **

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