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Longarm Quilting Service


We know a lot of time and hard work goes into finishing a quilt top. Let us help you complete your work of art with beautiful quilting!

We offer 100's of patterns to choose from, and 100's of thread color choices.


Just MAIL your quilt top to me.  YOU choose your pattern.  I will quilt it, and mail it back to you very quickly! 

Click HERE to add your quilting deposit to your cart (optional, not necessary), but once you pay your deposit, I will go ahead and add your name to my list before your quilt arrives!  This deposit is fully deducted from your final invoice, so helps to not have to pay full amount at once, but rather break up payment a little. This is, however, completely optional. If you would rather pay your full amount at the end, after the quilting is complete, just go ahead and mail your quilt to me, and please include either a completed print out of my order/info form, or just write out your details on a piece of paper and include it in your box...easy peasy! 
    Please mail to:
                              Jennifer Reed
                              P. O. Box 1479
                              Dayton, TN  37321 

Loving this pattern Misty chose for her


  Our pricing is calculated using the square inches of your quilt top.  It is very consistent and easy!


         To calculate square inches:

         Measure the length and width of your quilt top.

Multiply the length x width. This gives you the total square inches. EASY - PEASY!!

               EXAMPLE:  Your quilt top is 60 inches wide, by 70 inches long, so...

                                    60" wide X 70" long = 4,200 square inches

       NEXT, multiply that number by the cents per square inch of the type of quilting you prefer.


                                **There is a minimum per piece of $35, if it is a very small item.  Even very

                                        small items take a lot of time to line up and load onto the machine.   **


                      We offer: 

                         Edge to Edge Regular = E2E Regular:  2.5 cents per square inch. 

     This is an allover, medium-spacing design. It is the MOST popular, and MOST cost-effective.  There are 100's of designs to choose from.

Using our above example: 60 x 70 = 4,200 x .025 = $105.00

                    Edge to Edge Condensed = E2E Dense:  3.0 cents per square inch.

This is an allover design, like above, but with much denser, and tighter spacing.

Using same, above example: 60x70 = 4,200 x .028 = $126.00

Semi-Custom:  3.5-4.0 cents per square inch.

Allover design on body of quilt with special design on borders, and/or blocks or sashing.

* Currently not offering

Custom/Heirloom: 6.0 cents per square inch.

* Currently not offering



             *  Press your quilt top and back thoroughly.

             *  Square up your quilt top and backing fabric the best you can.

             *  Make sure your backing fabric and batting (if using your own batting) is at least 4    

                inches larger on all 4 sides than your quilt top. 

                       For example:  If your quilt top is 60x70 inches, then the backing (and batting, if 

                                                using your own) should be at least 68x78 inches.

              *  Clip all loose threads from the quilt top. 



You may provide your own batting, or use the batting I have in stock.  I carry Quilter's Dream batting.  it is wonderful,  my favorite, and made in the USA!


                        Quilter's Dream 100% Cotton (Natural or White) in Select or Deluxe Thickness

                                Select -  $12.50/yard

                                Deluxe - $14.00/yard

                        Quilter's Dream Wool  -  $15.50/yard

                        Quilter's Dream 80/20 -  $12.50/yard

                        Quilter's Dream Poly  -  $12.50/yard

I will just add the price of these onto your order, and I will take care of batting, or you may purchase these and send to me, but, don't forget, it will cost a little more for your shipping, on the sending to me, if your batting is included in the box. 


There will also be a $2/per bobbin thread fee added.  My machine uses the largest  bobbin available, so the thread fee averages around $4 to $10 according to quilt size, and pattern density chosen.  I never charge more than $12, no matter how large the quilt though.


           Click HERE  to see *some* of my pattern choices..I have a lot more that I still need to get loaded onto here, I'm talking 100's!  If you have something in mind, and don't see it,  just let me know, I probably have it, or I'll get it for you!



   Now that you are ready to ship your quilt top to us, you have several options to choose from, to get it to me.  Just pick the way that feels most comfortable to you.  And, that's it!!!

         1)  Just mail it!  Just go ahead and mail your top to us, and include a note or printout of our order form,                with your instructions and ideas, inside your box!       

                Mail to: Jennifer Reed,   P. O. Box 1479,  Dayton, TN  37321

        2)  Click the "Shop" tab above, to add the "Quilting Services Deposit" listing to your   

              cart, and then, as soon as you pay the deposit, before you ever even mail it, your spot 

              will be saved on my list immediately, if you would like.  Your deposit will be subtracted from your

              total, IN FULL.  This works well, if you need your total divided up a little, too, so you

              don't have to pay all at once.  It's perfectly okay, if you do not wish to pay a deposit, too.

         3)  You may prefer to contact us directly, by using the "Contact Us" tab

              above, or, you may e-mail me at: also, if you would like to discuss                      any ideas or questions.


Finished up this Laura’s beautiful #chur


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